The Axial Viewer, knee support and cassette holder, also known as the Merchant Board, is a frame for appropriately positioning and supporting a patient's knees and legs to obtain the X-ray view known as the axial view or "Merchant view".

This view or projection has distinct advantages over alternative views of the knee's patellofemoral joint.

This is the device originally designed by Dr. Alan Merchant. It accommodates knee flexion angles between 20 and 90 degrees. Its height is adjustable to any X-ray table and it folds into a 30" x 8" x 18" space for easy storage. Nylon straps secure the legs and control rotation of the knees. Please see the "information flier" page on this site for more details.

The Axial Viewer, knee support and cassette holder, is manufactured of sturdy birch laminate. The base support foot has been enlarged and we now offer wood extensions to slip over the cassette support arms to accommodate the larger cassettes.

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